Viv! Body Luxuries

Viv! Body Luxuries is an innovative new Dutch label focussed on luxury perfume, body care and lifestyle products. At Viv! we think it is important that YOU feel special. Distinctive fragrances and products that provide you with a luxurious and bountiful feeling. Viv! uses the best, handmade gift sets which allows you to add a personal touch. This way, Viv! becomes a very special gift to yourself or to others.

Meet Viv!

Our products are for sale online. Do you want to experience the world of Viv!? You are more than welcome to join us at one of the following events:


Send Viv!

At Viv! we want to give you a happy feeling. Would you like to share the world of Viv! with someone else? Fill out her details and Viv! will make sure our product sample will be delivered to her.